Daryl Pattemore


It was a balmy morning in Alexandra Hills…That November morning back in 1979.
And the kids at the local school heard ‘that’ noise and looked skywards…To see a helicopter begin to hover and land in the car park of the brand-new Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre.

Out stepped Mega-70’s International Superstar, Phyllis Diller, who had been flown in to be the headline act at the new shopping centre’s official opening.

Looking on, in the crowd was Daryl Pattemore…

Roll forward 39 years and Daryl, then a young worker in the family business, now runs the show at Pattemore’s Meats.

Daryl is the 5th of six generations of Pattemore’s to work in the butchery business as the name Pattemore’s remains synonymous within the industry as leaders and ‘revolutionaries’ of quality and innovation.

Daryl says he remembers the day Phyllis Diller came to town only too well.

“It was a milestone for the family business-The opening of this store and it has become the mainstay of the Pattemore’s Meats, ever since.”

Pattemore’s Meats are the only original tenant from those early days in the centre and along with the changes to the face of the suburb Daryl says he’s also been amazed by change in pace and fabric of the area.

Pattemore’s Meats has employed more than 100 locals in that time and Daryl says a rough estimate is that there have been over 2.6 million sets of feet walk through his store in that time.

“The one thing working in a generational family business teaches you is that you always need to move with the times and tastes of the people you seek to serve, and meat is one area where we have seen massive changes over the last four decades.”

Making it easy for busy families with prepared meals cooked and uncooked, ready to go.

“You learn fairly quickly that the focus has to be to people’s changing tastes. Good retailing is about changing to meet customer demands and to always be instigating a move forward with quality and service-It’s about meeting their quality requirements, adapting range and product to suit lifestyles and of course, budget.”

“I have always tried to have respect and responsibility for what we deliver. Any good cook will tell you that the secret to their success is in the produce 99% of the time and that’s what we see as our role.”

Daryl has built the business to include a paddock to plate approach.

“Our job begins from the outset, and on the farm. We’re involved from the sourcing of the beasts to the delivery of carcass to the preparation and presentation of the meat. That’s old-fashioned master butchering…That has to be the constant.”

We source our meat directly from the farm – with the emphasis on quality.

“‘I’ve watched families grow up and shared with them the discussions, good, bad, happy and sad that occurred over those dinner tables and around those BBQ’s. I’ve seen kids come into my shop one day to come back, grow up as a TV stars…Then there’s the sportsmen and women, the politicians and as always mums and dads.”

“It’s a privilege really to share with them.”

“And ours has been the job to provide a constant for them – Excellence in quality and affordability.”

Daryl says that is where innovation within the industry begins.

“I love that – And I feel we become part of the family. You come to understand what your customers like and it’s a great feeling. They plant the seed to quality improvement, for innovation in how we can best deliver.”

“As people’s life and needs change we as “Master Butchers” need to make sure we’re redefining as we’ll to meet the needs.”

Ask our master butchers, they have the knowledge to help you.

“So more than ever it’s about having the knowledge in the cutting of all types of beef, pork, lamb, veal, and poultry and food preparation to meet the growing diversity in tastes and on family time frames.”

And Daryl’s top tip for consumers?

“Ask The butcher. Talk to your butcher- If they’re doing their job they’ll know their meat and they’ll have all sorts of tricks for you in terms of preparation.”

And plans?

“Well, because we work to respond to demand we’re set to expand, and our offer is now being demanded across the Greater Brisbane region.”

“So, watch for some moves from us in that direction – And that’ll mean more jobs and growth for our team here in Redlands as well.”